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Frequently Asked Questions.

In order to proceed with a booking, the following information is required:
-Names, exactly how they appear in your passport
-Dates of birth
-Contact Number
-Email Address
You will be provided a booking form with the information we require to complete your booking.
We recommend you send us a copy of your passport picture page.

For trans-border and international travel, a valid passport for every traveler, including children is
required. Some countries will also require a tourist visa, in addition to a valid passport. For entry and exit requirements, Canadian Citizens and those holding Canadian Permanent Resident status can visit www.travel.gc.ca for information pertaining to the country they are visiting.

For US Citizens and those holding a US Green Card can visit www.travel.state.gov. 

For travellers who are travelling with a valid passports of other countries, please visit the website of the Embassy of the country you will be visiting to verify the specific entry and exit requirements that will pertain to that traveler.

For domestic travel within Canada, a valid Government issued photo ID showing your name and date of birth for anyone traveling 18 or over. You can visit www.publicsafety.gc.ca for a list of valid documents.
For domestic travel within the US, a State-issued REAL ID is required. You can visit
https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/identification for more details and a list of valid documents.
If the requirements are not met or followed, boarding and entry can be denied.

A. It is very important to review the policies and requirements for each country you are travelling to, if one or both parents are not travelling with the minor. Please visit www.travel.gc.ca for Canadian
travellers and www.travel.state.gov for US travellers for further information.

Each airline has their own specific policy if only one or no parent is travelling with the minor or if the minor will be unaccompanied. If the requirements are not met or followed, boarding and entry can be denied.

A. If the reason for you missing your flight is as a result of the airline and they re-protect (re-book) you on the next available flight, your itinerary will still be valid and not cancelled.

If you do not like the flight you have been re-protected (re-booked) to or you have decided to purchase your own one-way flight or submit a claim with your travel insurance provider to have them book you with another airline as part of your cancellation and interruption plan that may provide this option, you need to ensure you contact the airline (their ticketing department) to let them know, so that your return flight is not cancelled. If you do not contact the airline you have booked your flight with and you do not complete the first segment, your itinerary can be cancelled.

A. Travel Insurance is so important and highly recommended by Unforgettable Escapes. The
investment you have made to create unforgettable memories could be lost if you do not insure your investment.

Travel Insurance is meant to cover unexpected and unforeseen situations that
may cause you to have to cancel or interrupt your travel plans. This includes unexpected and
unforeseen situations that are completely out of your control, such as political, social, economical and health issues at the destination you plan to travel to or are travelling in.

Different policies exist, based on your needs and policies vary with their coverage and what is considered a covered risk.

There are all inclusive policies and Non-medical packages (if you have emergency medical
coverage elsewhere), which we recommend, that include; Cancellation, Interruption, Emergency Medical, Baggage Loss or Delay, Travel Accident. You can also purchase these components separately, but they may cost more. Travel Insurance may be available through your group benefits at work or on a credit card.

Please review their policies, as they can be restrictive and not
provide the minimum coverage recommended. Travel Insurance costs are based on the length of stay, outside of your home province, cost of the package and your age.

We will provide you with an exact quote based on your specific details, as well as the coverage available, so you can make an informed decision on the best option for you.

A. Deposits will vary, depending on what is being booked and the terms and conditions of the booking.

For packages booked with our tour operators such as Air Canada Vacations, Transat
Holidays and Sunwing, usually a $350 to $300 deposit per person is required. For flight only bookings, full payment is usually required at the time of booking.

Some of the charter flights with our tour operators, will ask for the same deposit amount as they do for packages. For hotel only
bookings, it is important to note if it is a refundable or non-refundable rate. The deposit amount will be discussed with you and provided with your quote.

A. Final payments will vary based, depending on what is being booked and the terms and conditions of the booking. For packages, final payments are typically due 45 – 90 days prior to departure, but if there is a promotion (such as an early booking bonus) applicable to the file, it could be earlier.

Your final payment date will be communicated to you during the booking process and will be
available to you on your invoice.

A. We will send you a secure credit card authorization form for you to send us the credit card payment details we require to complete your booking.

We can also receive an Interac Transfer (e- transfer) to a specific email. We will provide the information of where to send the e-transfer.

You can also deposit cash to our trust account if you do not want to use the first two options. Credit card is the preferred method of payment.

A. The terms and conditions of each supplier and booking will vary. It is important to review the cancellation and change policies of your specific booking.

It is important to review the terms and conditions for air tickets, as most are non-refundable and in some cases, also non-changeable. The terms and conditions will be available to you and discussed with you during the booking process.

A. Documents for packages and hotel only bookings will be available 14 to 28 days prior to departure.
Air tickets are available within hours of paying for them. Documents come in electronic format and will be emailed to you.

If you prefer to receive a hard copy of your documents we can send them via mail, but please note that you may not receive them until a week prior to departure, due to the
delivery time.

A. Hotel requests can not be guaranteed and are at the discretion of the hotel and based on
availability at the time of check-in.

For requests due to reduced mobility, the hotel is contacted directly to discuss your particular situation and we will advise if a ground level or adapted room is available to be confirmed, prior to your arrival.

A. Inclusions/Restrictions with the fare purchased vary depending on the type of fare. There are different levels of Economy Class fares and Business Class fares.

Basic Economy is the most restrictive class in Economy, not allowing changes, cancellations, the pre-selection of seats or the inclusion of a checked baggage and strict policies for carry-on. There is also standard economy and
premium economy which are less restrictive. Business class even offers restrictive fares, to lower the cost.

You may find restrictive business class fares can sometimes be cheaper than premium
economy fares. It is important to review the restrictions and inclusions, as the additional costs for checked baggage and seat selection, as well as the penalties for changing or cancelling your booking, can also vary depending on the fare. We are here to help you navigate these inclusions
and restrictions to ensure you make the best decision for your trip.

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